This Time I’ll Start Over

There are times in our life when we’re about to give up fighting battles that we choose not to tell to anyone. We fall apart, we break into pieces, and find it hard to make ourselves whole again. We tried to start over, but found ourselves breaking once more with memorues we tried to forget. We found ourselves again crashing to the ground, and all we ever thought was to give up and let ourselves go. We became hopeless. Love slowly fading, and we started to forget who we truly are. While we struggle to love someone, we also forget to love ourselves. And that is the crucial part.

No matter what happens, we should always give ourselves the love that we truly deserve. Yes, we fall, we crash, and we break into pieces, but we should learn to rise again and start over again and again and again. Never give up. And never deprive yourself the love that you truly deserve.

©2020. Verliza Gajeles

How can I say thank you enough?

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These are the words I’ve been constructing in my mind,
to say thank you for all that you’ve done.
But words are somehow hard to find.
Before I could say it, they’re long gone.

Thank you will never be enough to say
to the one who gives the world to me,
the one whom I owe my life and makes me whole,
the one who forms my soul.

The one who tucked me in at night,
fought the tiredness with all her might.
The one who never dares to sleep,
to make sure I sleep sound and safe.

The one who taught me to chase the rainbow’s end,
who taught me that in life we need to know how to bend.
Who taught me to never give up with broken dreams,
just make it whole again.

The one who painted my world in colors,
for teaching me to be strong enough.
How could I possibly say thanks to you?
I find this question tough.

Is there any way to say thank you?
For the love you taught me so,
the kindness you have planted in me,
and all your loving ways.

For your heart that never ceases to love,
for giving me all that you ever have.
For all your sweat and all your tears,
and all you’ve done for me through the years.

For never giving up on me,
for loving me through eternity.
For accepting my flaws and the way I changed,
for being my ever truly best friend.

Maybe the only way to say thank you
is to make all your hopes and dreams for me to come true,
to take good care of the garden of love you’ve planted in me,
and pass it to my next legacy.

Thank you, Mama, for not giving up on me,
those times I needed you most.
Most of all, thank you for the gifts you give,
you give freely without a cost.


The True Color of Loneliness

Do you know the true color of loneliness?

It is when the sky bleeds crimson rays in the horizon while there you are standing on the edge somewhere in this boulevard of broken promises, waiting, and waiting for a love that had already left.

It is the color of the lovely golden sky in love when the sun has finally kissed the hills and valley a sweet goodbye.

It is in between the color of the golden sky in war with the chaotic twilight.

Loneliness isn’t gray.

It is the new color of hope, lurking somewhere in between the folds of our scarred hearts uttering a single yet sweet prayer for tomorrow to be a little different than today.

©2021. Verliza Gajeles

He doesn’t Know She Bleeds Poetry

He broke her.
He’d shattered her heart into pieces.
He drained her soul.
He made her forget herself.
He made her love him more.
Now, she’s bleeding.
And he’s more satisfied to know that she ain’t moving forward.
But, her every piece made her stronger day by day.
Every pain made her want to pick her pieces up again.
Yes, every piece of herself that she tries to pick up from time to time made her bleeds.
But he doesn’t know that she’s a strong woman.
He doesn’t know she bleeds poetry.

©2021. Verliza Gajeles

I wrote your name in a book I cannot call poetry

Poetry is beauty.
Poetry is emotion.
Poetry is feelings.
An idea of someone that touches my soul to find beauty in it.
Someone who showed me that no matter how you feel about love, may it break you or hold you tight, it’s still beautiful.
But I didn’t find beauty in your eyes.
You looked at me with no feelings.
No emotion.
I didn’t even see a drop of tearful regrets.
It was distant and full of chaos.
But still, I wrote your name in my book.
It’s everything about you.
I wrote your name in a book I cannot call poetry.

©2021. Verliza Gajeles

Sound of Silence

You know you’re growing when you start to love the sound of your silence, and privacy.
You’re starting not to care about anybody’s opinion about you.
You’ll leave them think whatever and it won’t matter anymore because at this moment all you ever need is peace of mind.
You will never be afraid anymore about who’s leaving because what matters to you now are those who stays.

©2021. Verliza Gajeles

Diary of an Old Soul

This book highlights the Author’s painful past and turned them into poetry.

It is now available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diary-Soul-Verliza-Tubil-Gajeles/dp/B08PR6494M/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&qid=1609409021&refinements=p_n_publication_date%3A182242031&s=books&sr=1-2

I would truly appreciate it if someone could give a book review about it on amazon.

Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my poetry book.